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Premature ejaculation is a male sexual health condition a result of which is uncontrolled ejaculation before or right after penetration. In men with PE commonly need minimal physical or visual sexual stimulation to ejaculate against their desire. The condition does not present any risks for overall health state, however it poses certain threats for mental health of a patient. Commonly a result of premature ejaculation is unsatisfactory sexual life of both partners leading to anxiety and stress for a man. priliji onlinePremature ejaculation is one of the most frequently diagnosed sexual disorders in men which greatly affects sexual life and intimate relations. Most men with PE develop fear to enter serious relations with women. Bad news is that nobody knows the reasons of why men develop the condition. Good news is that the condition of premature ejaculation is curable. You can buy Dapoxetine and take it an hour prior to a desired sexual intercourse and enjoy normal sexual life. But before, you should learn what are the potential reasons of premature ejaculation, what are the symptoms of the disease and how you can diagnose the state. Moreover we will tell you about the risks of premature ejaculation and the ways of how the condition can be managed.

What is premature ejaculation: norms and deviations

Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that threatens most male patients. Normally it takes from two to fifteen minutes for a healthy man to normally ejaculate in a due sexual intercourse. If the intercourse goes on with breaks then the duration of the erection may be prolonged and the ejaculation may be postponed. This means that a man can control his ability to ejaculate. For other patients who are desperate to last long during a sexual intercourse we recommend to buy Dapoxetine online as it is an approved and efficient treatment for this sexual condition administered to millions of men globally.

Premature ejaculation is an uncontrollable state. This means that a man is unable to control his sexual excitement and delay ejaculation. Normally premature ejaculation happens in case of overexcitement which normally happens with a new partner or trying new ways of sexual satisfaction (for example, these can be various sex toys, sex games, first anal sex, first sexual experience with a man and others). Premature ejaculation once happens to every man. Young men who just are just entering sexual life may be unable to control erection. But it does not mean that they have premature ejaculation. This is a matter of time and sexual skills.

Statistically, a man experiences PE failures up to 5 times per year. With such frequency premature ejaculation is not a cause to concern and start treatment.

Men who do not have this sexual disorder however may meet the diagnostic criteria for the disease:

  • ejaculations happens within one minute after penetration or nearly so
  • inability to postpone ejaculation in most of the sexual intercourses
  • loss of sexual desire due to depression and frustration on the matter of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a hypersensitivity to sexual stimulation of both types physical and psychological (some men are enough to hear a sexual voice to develop erection and to ejaculate; commonly this happens within one minute or so). PE condition depends on psychological and physical factors. Most men feel embarrassed to communicate the problem to their partners and to sex therapists though the condition is treatable and even manageable, that means after a complex treatment you will be able not only to last long during a sexual intercourse but to control your erection and satisfy your partner better. For that aim we recommend to order Dapoxetine online as a supporting treatment to prolong ejaculation while you will diagnose and cure the true reason of the condition.

Actually, premature ejaculation is not a disease in itself. It is rather a symptom of some psychological disorders resulting in sexual dysfunction. That is why you can get proper treatment  for PE, but along you will need to find out a true reason why this condition has developed in your body and what is more in your head. Both conditions are treatable and respond to Dapoxetine. You can buy  Aczone.

What are the typical symptoms of premature ejaculation?

  • Inability to control and postpone the ejaculation
  • fast excitement right from the start of stimulation
  • high frequency of the cases

Basically there are two types of PE disorder in men: primary PE which is a life long condition which has presented itself right from the start of sexual life and has followed up to 97% of all sexual intercourses and acquired PE condition which has developed at a certain period of life after successful cases of sexual intercourses with normal duration and without ejaculatory problems.

Many patients visit sex therapists with probable signs of PE. But over 90% of cases do not meet the symptoms of the disease. But there are cases when men are unaware of their sexual disorder as it features variable nature. This means that a man experiences sexual intercourses of normal duration without any ejaculatory problems which are followed by short periods of inability to control ejaculation during any sexual stimulation it being masturbation, watching erotic pictures or having real sexual intercourse. Cheap Dapoxetine is a perfect solution for all cases of premature ejaculation. The studies have shown remarkable results. Over 98% of patients with diagnosed premature ejaculation respond to the treatment and prolong sexual intercourses. Fortunately there is a method of self diagnostics which you can apply to find out whether you have the condition or not.

Answer these questions:

How long does your average sexual intercourse last?

How often do your sexual intercourses turn shorter than usual?

How much shorter do they become?

Do you feel frustration about premature ejaculation?

Do you feel anxious to get sexually excited?

These are common questions which your sex therapist will ask you to diagnose premature ejaculation. Talking to your doctor may help you to eliminate fears and concerns about possible sexual disorders as it is considered to be a norm when a man occasionally fails to develop and old erection or ejaculate after satisfaction of a partner.

What are possible causes of premature ejaculation?

The exact reasons of PE are still unknown. By now doctors are not sure tat this type of erectile disorder happens only due to some psychological reasons. The nature of premature ejaculation is complex and involves hormones, physical state of a patient and of course psychological conditions. The most evident reasons for premature ejaculations are:

  • psychological stresses
  • anxiety
  • depression

Physical causes of PE disorder in men include:

  • fatigue
  • physical stresses
  • excessive workouts in the gym
  • poor diet
  • lack of vitamins
  • sexually transmitted diseases

Proved causes of premature ejaculation are:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • neurotransmitters imbalance
  • abnormal reflexive activity of penile tissues
  • Thyroid gland dysfunction
  • inflammatory processes in the penile tissues
  • genetics – inherited premature ejaculation
  • damages of nerve tissues due to traumas or surgeries

Researches of the nature of PE discovered that most men start experiencing sexual disorders on the background of problems in family relations. Constant quarrels, inability to rest and relax at home may cause a man to experience problems with erection and ejaculation.

In tis case you can buy Aczone online over the counter and try to improve the situation.

Track your symptoms when you experience premature ejaculation:

it is followed with pain or discomfort in penile tissues or testicles?

Is it followed with a complete emotional relief?

In most cases premature ejaculation is not a disorder, but a norm for a man. In this case the treatment and examination will be vain and will not present any effect. However taking drugs prolonging sexual intercourse and postponing ejaculation will give you:

  • more time to enjoy sex and to satisfy your partner
  • frustration relief
  • confidence in your male power.

If you are suffering from some sorts of erectile dysfunction followed wit premature ejaculation you can order Aczone online and sufficiently improve the condition. The drug does not develop addiction and does not affect the duration of your next sexual intercourses. This is one moment treatment. You can read about Aczone which is Dapoxtine analogue further in our review.

What are the possible risks of untreated premature ejaculation for your health?

Many patients are concerned whether there are possible risks for the health if premature ejaculation goes on without any treatment. Fortunately, this is not a life threatening condition which requires urgent medical help, however if untreated premature ejaculation poses certain risks for male health as:

Erectile dysfunction – premature ejaculation is a symptom of something going wrong in your body. This condition may be the first sign of weakening erection. Over 83% of patients with premature ejaculation which is untreated develop erectile dysfunction in the future.

Fertility problems – premature ejaculation can be a normal condition of your body, however if it is a symptom of some dysfunctions in your sexual system, then it may cause low quality of semen and inability to fertilize a female egg. If your family is planning a baby, and you experience some symptoms of premature ejaculation, then you should get examined and prescribed a valid treatment. This can be Dapoxetine or Aczone in pills.

Premature ejaculation may cause significant mental problems – constant stresses, fears and anxiety of your next sexual fail may lead to insomnia, phobias, depression other mental disease. These may seem innocent, however these mental states affect your productivity and workability, they cause wanton aggression. Aggression will worsen your relations wit family, friends and colleagues causing social isolation.

If you do not want to experience something like that you need to take necessary steps to reduce your frustration and anxiety about premature ejaculation. There are powerful medications coping with the dysfunction and providing you a chance to enjoy happy sexual relations.

Cheap Dapoxetine is available online or you can get it in your local pharmacy stores.

What is Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine is the first globally approved medication for men to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is the best treatment a man experiencing certain sexual disorders can desire today. It is safe and effective, besides it will help to keep your erectile problem in secret. Unlike other known medications to affect premature ejaculation Dapoxetine starts working in your body within an hour after intake. Most of the medications which you will find online or offline should be taken for a week or two to notice the first improvements of the duration of erection.

Dapoxetine performs its maximum effect within the next two hours after you take a pill. However it does not mean that in two hours you will not be able to hold the erection long. Every case is extremely individual, and there are cases of erection being able to last for hours without ejaculation.

Dapoxetine does not hold your erection or postpone the ejaculation. It gives you complete control over your erectile function. After you take a pill of Dapoxetine you will not get a erection. The erection develops after certain sexual stimulation. The duration of the erection will depend completely on your will and your physical ability.

Numerous clinical studies proved tat Dapoxetine prolongs the duration of erection by

4-6 times. This means that if your normal erection lasts only for two minutes, then wit Dapoxetine you will be able to last up to 12 minutes which is considered a normal average intercourse.

The medication features cumulative effect. Taking Dapoxetine for at least six months constantly you will be able to develop hard erection and hold it for a normal time without ejaculation. This means for you that getting 6 months of treatment you will be able to develop control over your erection and to keep it further without pills.

Dapoxetine is also effective for one time usage. If you doubt your ability to old erection you ca take a pill of the drug at least one hour prior to an intended sexual intercourse and you will be able to control your erection better. The key advantage of Dapoxetine is that it has been developed for treatment of premature ejaculation. Many sexual disorders drugs were developed to treat other conditions in the body and their sexual stimulating features were discovered later during trials. For example, Viagra was initially developed as a drug to treat heart and vessels, however during clinical trials male patients started to develop strong erection lasting for hours. The Pfizer company remarketed the drug and started it as a potency curing medication. However this remarkable erectile side effect of Viagra does not withdraw the effects the drug produces on heart and vessels. That is why Viagra is forbidden in men with severe heart and pressure problems. Dapoxetine is completely different. It was initiated and investigated as a drug to cure a specific sexual problem in men being premature ejaculation. Dapoxetine is safe and does not affect other body systems. This means that you can take the drug safely. It will not cause any side effects and will not worsen existing conditions or restart chronic diseases.images (3)

Dapoxetine can be safely mixed with other sex drugs as Viagra or Cialis. You will not develop adverse reaction or get toxic sock. These medications are approved to be taken together.

Dapoxetine comes in pills of various dosages. You can buy Dapoxetine cheap in dosages of 30mg, 60mg and 90mg. Dapoxetine is a prescription drug. Though it is safe and does not pose any threats to your disease we strongly recommend seeing a doctor before you will buy your first box of pills.

Is Dapoxetine right for me?

Dapoxetine is a powerful medication which will cope with premature ejaculation of any nature. It does not matter whether your premature ejaculation is a permanent or temporary condition, acquired or inborn state. Dapoxetine is a selective inhibitor which affects certain parts of the brain which are responsible for stimulation and control of erection.

Dapoxetine is safe, the drug does not have contraindications except of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

You should not take Dapoxetine without prescription if there were cases of allergic reaction to other medication in your health profile.

Dapoxetine is the only approved drug to treat the premature ejaculation. If you need more proofs you may complete your own research. You will find only Aczone online which is a Dapoxetine analogue. It has the same active ingredient and comes in the same form of pills in the same dosages.

Why should I visit a doctor prior to taking Dapoxetine?

Of course you can buy cheap Dapoxetine online without prescription, but to do so you need to visit your doctor. You will get examined and prescribed an exact dosage of the drug to cope with your condition. Commonly the treatment of premature ejaculation starts with 60mg per day, however there are cases when sex therapist decides on the lower dosage. There are cases with evident physiological reasons which surely will not respond to the dosage of 60mg (for example, damaged nerve tissues in the penile tissues, abdominal area or hips). In this case your doctor may decide to start with 90mg per day.

If you do not respond to the maximum available dosage, you should also see your doctor. Only your sex therapist may increase your single dosage up to 120mg. Mind that getting increased dosage should be limited in time. Your doctor will track your condition and when you will develop normal response to the treatment your doctor will gradually reduce the dosage up to 90mg.

You should understand that Dapoxetine affects your brain and nerve tissues. You should not take such serious drugs without prescription. Surely Dapoxetine will not cause lethal effect or will not somehow damage your health.

How should I take Dapoxetine?

Cheap Dapoxetine online is the best way to cope with your premature ejaculation. We have already explained why you are recommended to see a doctor before purchasing Dapoxetine or Aczone online. Your doctor will prescribe you a certain dosage and will indicate the length of treatment.

Dapoxetine or Aczone should be taken once a day with a full glass of water. The intake of the drug does not depend on your meals or other medications you take. If you take other sex pills to stimulate your erection, then you should coordinate the time of action of both pills. Mind tat Dapoxetine will start working in an hour in your body. According to various sources, reviews and patients’ feedbacks Dapoxetine lasts from 2 to 12 hours. However it is forbidden to take Dapoxetine or Aczone twice a day.

When you take Dapoxetine you should track your response to the medication. You should track the duration of your erection before you ejaculate. If the period of erection is too small, you should visit your doctor and ask for a dosage increase. Do not increase the dosage of pills on your own. Though dapoxetine does not pose any severe risks for your health. Still self management of the dosage s only your responsibility.

Where should I buy Dapoxetine?

Dapoxtine is sold with a prescription from your doctor in offline pharmacy stores. However to save costs and to buy Dapoxetine or get Aczone cheap you should go sopping online. When choosing a drug store pay attention to risk factors as there are may online pharmacies selling fake drugs at the price of original ones.

If you want to buy cheap Dapoxetine online you should watch:

  • the price of the drug – most online pharmacies offer lower prices than offline ones. However online price for the drug does not fluctuate considerably
  • the dosage – mind that Dapoxetine as well as Aczone are marketed only in certain dosages, if you are offered Dapoxetine or Aczone in dosage of 10mg or 120mg, you can be sure that these are fake pills.

The information given about the drugs – fake drug sellers commonly do not focus the attention of the buyer on the risks and potential side effects of the medications. If you can not find some information on the drug, or the information on Dapoxetine is controversial on the website then you should avoid buying the pills form this online pharmacy store.