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How to control men’s health

What we mean when say men’s health? While most of you will think only about erectile dysfunction, we mean something more. Developing an erection is not a key problem for most men. Erectile dysfunction appears in 74% of men globally. This dysfunction has various reasons to develop in the body, however it is simply manageable. A single pill will enhance manly power and will improve erection. But in over 55% of cases erectile dysfunction is worsened with different complications. One of the most common complication for erectile dysfunction is premature ejaculation.images (1) This means that a man develops a weak erection and is unable to control the ejaculation which commonly happens less than in two minutes after penetration. Unfortunately, most of the sexual disorders appear spontaneously and are impossible to foresee and thus to predict timely. Good news is that there is a powerful medication to cure both of the disorders with one pill. For patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction which is complicated with premature ejaculation we recommend to buy Tadapox. Why is it so essential to manage the problem?
For more than half a century the pharmaceutical industry have been trying to deliver potent medication to cure men’s health. Now the pharmaceutical industry offers Tadapox online which is a combination of sex enhancing substance tadalafil and an ejaculation controlling agent dapoxetine. Tadapox means tadalafil plus dapoxetine. It is convenient to use and safe to take with risks for overall health conditions reduced to minimum.
Sexual disorders do not pose any threat for men’s health. There are no known cases when patients died from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. However there are risks of development of related diseases which can unfortunately result in death.
Sex is not a pure satisfaction. It is a need of a human body which is given by nature. Sexual intercourses stimulate the production of hormones in human body which regulate the functions of all the systems and body parts. Lack of sexual hormones may result not only in severe mental conditions, but in lethal outcomes as for example lack of testosterone (male sex hormone) induced the level of estrogens (female sex hormones) in the male body. High levels of estrogens may lead to gynecomastia and male breast cancer. Cancer is treatable but recurrent. In over 46% of cases male breast cancer leads to death.
The best way to stimulate testosterone production is to be sexually active as long as possible and as much as possible. Unfortunately, such sexual problems as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation make a man unable to have sex. Moreover if the case gets repetitive a man commonly develops phobias to experience the next sexual fail tat results in worsening of the conditions.
Besides, erectile problems affect mental health of a patient. Most of the patients with ED or PE or both disorders develop depression, anxiety and aggression. Though many of you think that for mental disorders a person should have external triggers as problems in life, in most cases and to major extent our mental health is regulated with hormones and neurotransmitters produced in the brain. As a matter of fact all sexual pills affect brain which sends impulses to stimulate erection and ejaculation.
What is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men characterized as inability to develop and hold erection.  Another definition of the disease is male inability to develop and old erection hard enough and long enough for a proper sexual intercourse.
The condition may be permanent, this means that a patient is completely disabled to develop erection and hold it for a sexual intercourse or recurrent, this means that a patient fails to develop proper erection from time to time. Successful intercourses are followed with erectile fails. Getting erectile troubles from time to time does not necessarily mean that a patient has ED. It is a norm for penile tissues not to properly saturate with blood. However in most cases random sexual fails are more dependent on psychological condition of a patient rather than on physical disability.
Erectile dysfunction happens when penile tissues are unable to properly saturate with blood. This may happen due to different reasons as physical as various sexual and urinary tract infections so psychological being constant stress or severe depression.
However erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a more serious or more severe disease which requires immediate help and treatment. Sometimes erection can be blocked with malformations in the penile tissues which can later on transform into cancer. Cancer is treatable. The success of treatment completely depends on the timely start.
The erectile dysfunction in itself is not a lethal of serious disease and may lats untreated without any serious risks to the health. If a patient takes erectile dysfunction a a norm and it does not cause anxiety, stress or depression, then it can be untreated. However we do strongly recommend to visit a doctor and get examined to eliminate risks of ED being a symptom of a more severe disease.
What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?
The erectile dysfunction may be present with various symptoms. Key signs of erectile dysfunction are as follows:
  • problems developing an erection
  • problems holding an erection
  • decreases sexual drive due to fears to experience the next fail and anxiety
NOTE! If you can not develop an erection due to extreme pain in the penile tissues you should immediately visit your doctor as this is not the symptom of erectile dysfunction but may be a sign of another severe disease as sexually transmitted disease, infection, inflammatory processes. Erectile dysfunction is never presented with pain or some physical discomfort.
In what cases should I see a doctor?
Erectile dysfunction is considered to be a norm in men after 45-47. It appears gradually, the cases become more frequent and the erection gets weaker. Unfortunately now the erectile dysfunction has become a younger disorder. It appears in men from 25 years old.
You should see a doctor if erectile dysfunction is not age related in your case. You should also immediately see your doctor if erectile dysfunction has developed rapidly and is followed with genital discharge, fever, rashes on the penile tissues as these are the symptoms of acute viral or bacterial infection.
Another reason to visit your sex therapist is getting concerned about the condition and desiring to get effective treatment for your erectile dysfunction. Most patients are advised to buy Tadapox online. This is a powerful double action medication which affects erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation at once.
What are the causes of erectile dysfunction and how to eliminate the disorder?
First you should understand what is engaged in erection. To make your penis erect your body engages your brain, nerves, hormones, psyche, blood vessels and smooth muscles of penile tissues. The key problem commonly lies in psychological and brain domain. In rare cases doctors diagnose a combination of physical and psychological causes for erectile dysfunction in a patient.
Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mental fatigue
  • constant stress
  • family quarrels
Physiological causes of erectile dysfunction are:
  • blood and heart system disorders (for example, clogged vessels may cause inability of penile tissues to properly saturate with blood for normal erection)
  • high cholesterol, excessive weight may turn your blood too sick to pass through the thinnest vessels of penile tissues
  • diabetes – having diabetes and getting troubles with erection is a reason to see your doctor; do not take any medications to improve your erectile ability, even the safest medications may perform severe reactions in your body;
  • metabolic syndrome followed with high blood pressure, excessive fat deposits on the waist, high insulin and cholesterol levels;
  • penile tissue damages due to previous diseases, infections, traumas and surgery
  • alcohol and tobacco abuse
  • sleeping disorders
  • enlarged prostate gland
  • cancer of urinary tract or penile tissues
  • some chronic diseases
  • excessive physical workouts and regular loads (in the gym)
Unfortunately physical symptoms should never be treated on your own. You can order Tadapox online and it will help to develop erection, however the medication will not treat the cause of the disease. Thus erectile dysfunction will be a recurrent condition which will get worse with time.
If you are sure that the cause of your erectile dysfunction is only mental, then you can try to change your lifestyle to get more time for rest and relaxation. If this will not help, please, see your doctor to get diagnosed and prescribed a proper treatment.
What are possible health risks if erectile dysfunction is untreated?
Erectile dysfunction is an innocent condition if it is not a symptom of a more serious disease. Fortunately, in most cases it is not. You can treat EDimages (3) as your doctor will prescribe you (commonly the doctors choose brand
medications as Viagra, which are very expensive but perform the same effect as other drugs of the class of the same effectiveness). Or you may order Tadapox online to get your erection supported with a  double power medication.
However there is another scenario – to do nothing to your erectile dysfunction. In this case you may enjoy successful sexual intercourses and sexual fails, however you should not hope that the condition will get improved immediately or ever. Besides, if you ave erectile dysfunction you will not be able to fertilize your wife if your family is planning a baby. Erectile dysfunction means no ejaculations. This means no sperm renewals which will surely result in low quality of sperm and low chances for fertilization in the future.
If your penile tissues will not work for a sufficiently long period of time you may then be hard to develop an erection even with the most potent sex power enhancers as Tadapox is.
But the main risk is developing a premature ejaculation with the erectile dysfunction.
Premature ejaculation is a condition of inability to hold an erection for a proper sexual intercourse and ejaculation happening right after you have managed to develop an erection. This makes you unable to have sexual intercourses of a due duration. There are various causes for premature ejaculation. This can be a psychologically induced disease or physically induced disorder. If erectile dysfunction is complicated with premature ejaculation you need to see a doctor to get examined and diagnosed to find out the reasons of the conditions and to get proper treatment prescribed.
What is the treatment for erectile dysfunction complicated with premature ejaculation?
Erectile dysfunction complicated with premature ejaculation is a complex male sexual disorder which requires the same complex treatment.
In most cases doctors prescribe a patient Viagra to improve erectile ability and dapoxetine to help the erection last longer. Both drugs are prescription ones. So you can get them over the counter only in online pharmacy stores.
Viagra and Dapoxetine need certain time to start acting in the body. This period is completely individual. Some patients respond to the pills within a few minutes however the common period of response is about an hour. You need to properly correlate the intake of both pills to the time of a desired sexual intercourse.
Viagra has a key active ingredient known as sildenafil citrate. It is a very expensive brand ingredient which determined the price of the medication. However there are its analogues which are less expensive but perform the same effectiveness in patients. One of such active ingredients is  tadalafil. It acts in the same way as Viagra does, but has a lower price for you.
Dapoxetine is the only available medication approved all over the world to treat premature ejaculation.
Both components come to the market in the form of pills in different dosages. So you should carefully choose the optimum dosages for you tracking the reaction of your body to the treatment. Every time you take pills you should track when the erection appears and how long it lasts.
Then you should report the data to your doctor who will manage the dosages of the pills. If you do not want to care about taking two pills and corresponding the time of intake and the time of an intended sexual intercourse as well as the dosages of bot pills, then you can buy cheap Tadapox.
Tadapox is a brand medication containing tadalafil (you can buy tadalafil separately to improve your erection, but it will not affect the duration of your sexual intercourse and will not postpone the ejaculation) and dapoxetine. Tadapox comes in pills containing optimum dosages of tadalafil and dapoxetine. Commonly it is 20mg of tadalafil and 40mg of dapoxetine. Numerous clinical trials ave proved that this combination is extremely effective for treatment of erectile dysfunction complicated with premature ejaculation.
The pill is much more convenient to take and does not cause overdosing. The dosages of tadalafil and dapoxetine are ideally balanced in the medication to achieve great erectile effect. If you still want to change the dosages (for example you need a bigger dosage to improve your erectile ability), then you can buy tadalafil online and take it with dapoxetine.
How should I take Tadapox?
Cheap Tadapox online is the best treatment for cases of erectile dysfunction being complicated with premature ejaculation. The pills are effective in over 97% of cases with patients getting a disease due to psychological problems. The effectiveness of the medication in patients having the complex sexual disorder due to physiological reasons reaches 85%.
You can order tadalafil online only to see whether the pill will be enough to improve your erection. After you take the first pill you should track the duration of your erection up to ejaculation. If the duration of the erection is over 2 minutes, then this is considered to be a norm and you may not need Dapoxetine to support your erection and postpone your ejaculation.
To get recommendations on how to take Tadapox (tadalafil plus dapoxetine) you need to visit your doctor. After examining your case you doctor will ask you several questions which will help to put a diagnosis. In most cases the questions are as follows:
when did the erectile disorders appear for the first time?
Was erectile disorder immediately followed with premature ejaculation or the latter symptom appeared later on (has been acquired)?
Do you experience normal sexual intercourses with normal ejaculation or all of your sexual intercourses fail due to absence of erection or premature ejaculation?
Do both conditions appear simultaneously or they are not related? Do you experience erectile disorders from time to time? Is every successful erection followed with premature ejaculation?
What types of sexual stimulation do you experience when premature ejaculation happens?
What types of sexual stimulation do you experience when erectile dysfunction happens?
Are you concerned with your inability to develop proper erection?
Do you have relatives experiencing the same sexual problems?
What is your mental condition when you sexually fail and further on?
Do you have fears to be unable to develop erection the next time?
By answering these questions on your own you will be able to understand whether erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are related conditions or they appear separately without a necessary visit to your doctor.
Many patients feel embarrassed seeing a doctor and informing about their sexual disorders, however it is a must do step to get the optimum treatment for your case.
If you still refuse seeing a doctor for examination of your sexual case, you can buy Tadapox cheap online. If you shop online you will not need a prescription from your doctor to get the drug.
Tadapox is available in two dosages. One of them is of 60mg containing 20mg of Tadalafil and 40mg of Dapoxetine. However there is a super dosage of cheap Tadapox containing 40mg of Tadalafil and 60mg of Dapoxetine.
If you desire to buy cheap Tadapox without prior seeing your doctor, then we strongly recommend to take the lowest dosage available. The pill is well balanced and is recommended to be taken an hour prior to a desired sexual intercourse.
You should take a pill with a full glass of wanter regardless of meals. Mind that you can take only one pill per every 24 hours. Every pill of cheap Tadapox acts about 12-14 hours. So you should take your dosage carefully. If you feel that the dosage is not enough for you, then you should not take two pills at once. You need to buy Tadapox online cheap in the higher dosage. This will help to avoid overdosing and will lower the risks of possible adverse reactions.
If Tadapox is right for you and improves your erection and postpones your ejaculation, then you can buy cheap Tadapox online in advance to ensure your every sexual attempt will be successful.
What are possible risks of taking Tadapox?
If you buy cheap Tadapox online from a reputable website the risks of getting fake drug are minimal. However original cheap Tadapox may also perform some adverse reactions in your body. Commonly cheap Tadapox is a well tolerable drug. About 3% of the patients report allergic reactions. Some of the patients report increased heart beat and headache during Tadapox action and right after. These symptoms are considered to be a norm as Tadapox increases blood flow to stimulate penile tissues saturation with blood. Unfortunately the pill does not act selectively only on the penile tissues. The blood flow gets increased all over the body and the related symptoms may occur.
Patients with heart and vessel diseases should take cheap Tadapox carefully. We do recommend seeing a doctor and getting prescription for the medication to avoid all possible risks for your health.
In all other cases Tadapox is absolutely safe drug. If taken carefully and consciously (without overdosing) you will get remarkable improvements of your erection. Do not try to improve your erection wit increased dosages of Tadapox. A dosage of tadalafil equal or larger than 80mg may induce severe reactions in the body on the part of heart and vessels.
Tadapox is the only medication which effectively copes with both sexual disorders with only one pill. You will forget about your sexual fails and will be able to live and enjoy normal sexual life. Buy Tadapox online considerably. There are lots of fake drug sellers offering drugs without tadalafil and dapoxetine as original Tadapox.